Spelling can be hard, especially with the English language and all its weird pronunciations. There's "I" before "E" except after "C," "S" vs. "ES" when making a word plural and don't even get me started on "floss" words.

As the parent of an early-elementary school student, learning how to spell seems tough, and kids can't use spell check like adults can.

Yet, even with spell check and autocorrect at our fingertips, words often get spelled wrong. Whether you are typing too fast or literally have no idea which letter goes where, spelling mistakes happen all the time.

But what words are more misspelled than others?

Not too surprising, there is a website for that.

The folks at AT&T Experts actually studied the top-searched "how-to-spell" words for March 2020 through March 2021. (Presumably, a whole lot of internet searching was going on during those tough lockdown months) Then they took those results a step further and found the most commonly misspelled word for every state in the country.

What Was Massachusetts' Most Misspelled Word?


Not shocking it was a highly typed word for the time period AT&T Experts looked into and it was actually the most commonly misspelled word for 12 states in the United States

The weird part to me is the misspelling. According to the research, the most common way to misspell quarantine was "corn teen." That says to me people were having autocorrect issues, not actually spelling issues. I mean, no one can possibly think we were all corn-teening for most of 2020? Right?

Though "quarantine" was the most misspelled word in the country for 2020-2021, Rhode Island wasn't spelling it as bad as we were.

Most Misspelled Word in Rhode Island

Over in the Ocean State, typers were struggling with "separate." Now, that one I totally get. Is it an "A" in the middle or an "E"? I make that mistake way too often.

California was the only other state to have "separate" as its most misspelled word, with "favorite" being another most commonly misspelled word as well.

Perhaps the weirdest word on the list, however, was Florida's most misspelled, "pharaoh." Why were so many people typing that one in the first place?

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