If you've ever had a long day where the second you're free of your duties, the only thing you have in mind is going for a drive? Well, wherever that drive may be, nor how far, if you've ever related to this scenario, this one is for you.

I find it quite interesting how a single road, a setting, a long-lost memory, can ease the mind. Stress is a major contributing factor to a shortened lifespan, so take my advice: whenever you get the chance, go for a drive somewhere, anywhere. Just don't stray too far from home.

For me, my go-to destination on those long and tiresome days is the backroads of Westport, Massachusetts. More specifically, Sodom Road, where my childhood was spent.

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It was at 1050 Sodom Road, to be exact, with cornfields surrounding the west and north sides of the house. There stood a strong log cabin that my father constructed from his bare hands (with help from his friends, of course). It stood proudly, deep down a gravel driveway, just hidden enough from the roadway.

Those were the cow fields I would skate or slide on when they became frozen. Numerous kites stood trapped in the grasps of the treeline, mostly because I flew too close. It's where I picked up a basketball for the first time and learned how to rollerblade and ride a bike. Hide-and-seek in the corn and watching Dad practice his bow on a haybale target; yeah, that was the perfect Sunday afternoon.

These are the memories that engulf my thoughts as I drive down that windy road, clearing the stress and easing the mind. It's amazing how a drive can do just that.

So what are you waiting for?

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