Looking for some fun, Insta-worthy stuff to do around town? Get out and find some TomBob art!  

New York street artist TomBob has left his mark on New Bedford more than once. You've probably seen a few of his pieces here or there and never thought twice about it. We've found some of our favorite pieces from around town and made an easy to follow map so everyone can enjoy TomBob murals for themselves.

Most of the pieces are in the Downtown New Bedford area with a few spilling into Westport and Tiverton. Some were painted back in 2016 and may not be as easy to spot as some of newer pieces of work painted at the end of last year. Either way, they are incredible pieces of art and worth the trip!

Of course, some of his artwork is a bit harder to find now that the paint has faded. But you can always follow along with him on Instagram to see when he'll be back in New Bedford again.

Got some great TomBob photos of your own? We'd love to see them!


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