Lemonade Day Southcoast’s Complete List of 2018 Stands
Here is the ever-growing list of Lemonade Day stands across the Southcoast! These towns have been very supportive of these (very) small businesses but want you to know to enjoy it at your own risk!

A Batter’s Squeeze; 145 County St; 10am (Auclair's Market)

Twisty Flips Lemonade; 943 County St;…
Most Popular Emojis by State
Smartphone keyboard company Swiftkey released a report on the top emojis used by state. 
I have to ask...why is the little baby chick popping out of the egg the most popular emoji in Massachusetts? I have never once used that icon. My top emojis are: the laughing face, heart eyes, blushing smile…
NStar Prepared
In high-powered storms such as this one, power outages are almost inevitable. Strong wind gusts and heavy snow can bring down trees and tree limbs, taking out power lines.
NStar spokesman Mike Durand says restoration efforts could take several days...
Cost of Living in Good Old USA
This map shows that living in the US isn't nearly as expensive as Britain or France, but obviously not as cheap as India. Switzerland, Norway, Venezuela, Iceland and Denmark are the most expensive countries to live in. Nepal, Pakistan, Tunisia and Algeria are the least expensive...
Portuguese Food For the Win!
There's a map that shows the most popular foods of each state in our great nation, and I'm so proud to say that portuguese cuisine not only won over Massachusetts, but Rhode Island and New Jersey as well!
New York Newspaper Publishes Gun Owner Map On Website
Would you want to know if your neighbor has a gun? A newspaper in upstate New York  has come under heavy criticism from many of its readers after it went ahead and published the identities of all of the people with handgun or pistol permits in its coverage area last Sunday.