The United States Weather Bureau did not forecast it. The storm was unexpected. At least in The Perfect Storm, they had a heads up warning, but not with this true, tragic local story of one of the most severe "bombogenesis" weather explosions in history that few people have heard about.

On Monday, April 15 at 9 a.m. on The Phil Paleologos Morning Show, local author Paul Doucette will tell the jaw-dropping story that occurred in 1962, detailed in his new book, Neptune's Nor'easter.


With a low pressure of 968-millibars and seas reaching 60-feet in mountainous height, this killer avalanche stretched out 1,000 miles from its center, as it digested six ships and resulted in the death of 36 seamen. The losses include the F/V Midnight Sun, a New Bedford scalloper, and her 11-man crew.

The book centers around the oral history and recollections of Captain Louis Doucette, Jr., who was aboard the F/V Venus, caught by complete surprise, 120-miles east of Cape Cod on Georges Bank. The death toll should have exceeded 200-men, but for the incredible skill and experience of the mariners involved and the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy.

The Patriot Day program will highlight this little known story and the New Bedford fishermen, our patriots of the seas.

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