Like most guy's I love cars and nothing gets my motor revving that a trip to the car show. I know corny metaphor, but this weekend the New England International Auto Show is in Boston and I can't wait to go.  This is a show that I have been going to for years, a buddy of mine and my son make the trip up to the city and check out the latest vehicles that manufacturers offer.  They also have some concept cars that are fun to see as well.

The cars I look forward to seeing the most are the exotics like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bently and Rolls Royce.  Then we head over to see what's new with the vehicles we can actually afford!  Last year at the show the new Volkswagen line up was presented and I ended up buying from the brand.

The funny thing too was so did my buddy who I go to the show with!  I think that these shows are important for manufacturers because they work!  I was able to look at the product without a sales person wanting me to buy and I was able to compare vehicles that I was interested in in one place.

Even though I bought a new car I still go to the show because like I said, I love cars.  Now if I could find a way to buy one of those exotics.