So, the media goes bat crap when President Trump calls CNN fake news but falls silent as a lamb when the fake Indian attacks Fox News. Par for the course.

Several candidates for the Democrat presidential nomination, including Bernie Sanders, have already appeared for "town meetings" on the Fox News Channel, much to the chagrin of many in the audience, who are more likely to prefer eating a bug than listening to a Social Democrat. The ratings for these events have been pretty solid, an indication that folks are watching them.

Sen. Liz Warren (D-Mass.) has decided that she will not accept an invitation from Fox News for a town meeting. I assume she is confident enough in her poll numbers that the millions of viewers that Fox could deliver to her fledgling campaign are just not enticing enough.

Warren attacked the invitation on Instagram:

“I won’t do a town hall with Fox News because I won’t invite millions of Democratic primary voters to tune in, inflate ratings, and help sell ads for an outlet that profits from racism and hate. If you agree, sign our petition.”

She followed up with another attack on Twitter:

Perhaps Warren has bigger plans for that night, like chugging beer with her husband on Twitter or riding an airport shuttle with we ordinary folks. Maybe she is just afraid that she might have to answer a tough question or two.

Warren has largely been given a free-skate even after it was learned that she lied about her background on the Texas Bar application and admitted she's probably done it elsewhere, too.

Warren's platform is as condescending and unrealistic as she is. More importantly, Warren is a proven liar who thought nothing of appropriating another culture to help herself to succeed.

Do you want to sign a Liz Warren petition? Visit and sign the petition demanding that Warren resign her Senate seat because she hasn't done a thing for the Commonwealth and shows no indication that she has any intention of changing anytime soon.

Elizabeth Warren is an embarrassment to Massachusetts, and the sooner she is out of this race, the better.

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