Politics is tough because life is tough. Former Vice President Joe Biden isn't a racist, but his fellow Democrats are willing to say he is to beat him in 2020.

According to some of the elected Democrats competing for the presidential nomination of their party, Joe Biden is motivated to action because of the race of certain Americans. Senators Harris and Booker made the case in the CNN debate that Biden has spent a large amount of his career intentionally hurting black Americans because of their skin color.

All Joe Biden could do to defend himself was to invoke the name of President Barack Obama, the man who selected him to be the first Vice President to the first black President of the United States. His opponents didn't slow down a moment.

Sen. Kamala Harris was ready for the "Barack Obama is my friend" defense. She once again invoked the friendships Biden had with the racist Democrats who once dominated the Senate. She pointed out that if Biden's segregationist pals in the Democratic Party had it their way, she and Sen. Cory Booker would never have been in the Senate and Barack Obama wouldn't have been elected as the Democratic Party nominee for president.

New York City Mayor DeBlasio went so far as to accuse President Obama of deporting too many illegal aliens and demanded repeatedly to know if Biden had tried to stop President Obama. Illegal aliens are held in higher esteem than President Obama in some segments of the leftist wing of the Democratic Party today.

Will Barack and Michelle Obama come to the defense of Vice President Joe Biden and his reputation?

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