On February 24th, my beautiful wife, Celeste, and I celebrated 36 years of marriage. Over the years, I've learned some of the lessons, not that I'm a marriage mechanic, but here are some tips I picked up along our journey.

Marriage isn't 50 - 50, but divorce usually is. Marriage has to be 100 - 100. It isn't about dividing everything in half... it's about giving everything you've got.

Lean on each other's strengths and forgive each other's weaknesses.

I found that a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

Let your faith be BIGGER than your fear.

If you think things are falling apart, maybe they're actually falling into place.

I've reminded myself many times to give your spouse the very best of yourself; not what's left over after you have given your best to everyone else.

Be really selective in your arguments because sometimes PEACE is better than thinking you're right.

Your love will be better and deeper when you love God first.

Being happily and successfully married is generally not so much a matter of marrying the right person as it is being the right person.

Hug each other often.

And...if you have kids...LOCK the bedroom door!

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