Tucked away in Tewksbury is a little roast beef shop that you might not notice unless you’re looking for it. However, for fans of North Shore Beef sandwiches that have a hearty appetite, it’s a destination location.

Anthony’s Roast Beef was started by the brother-and-sister duo of Anthony and Andrea back in 2007 in Reading, Massachusetts, before expanding to a second location in Tewksbury in 2012 (they added a third, in Methuen, in 2016).

All three offer Anthony’s signature roast beef sandwiches, which are true “North Shore Beefs,” but only the Tewksbury location has the “king subs” and the mighty “Great Beef-Bino.”

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For those unaware, a North Shore Beef is a roast beef sandwich that typically features very pink, thin-sliced roast beef piled high on a grilled bun (preferably an onion roll). A popular way to order it is the “three-way,” featuring American cheese (which should be on the bottom of the sandwich), mayo, and a generous slathering of James River, a particular brand of barbecue sauce that perfectly enhances the flavor of a slow-roasted and well-seasoned beef.

Typically, North Shore Beefs are sold in “junior” and “super” beef sizes, which run around $6-$10 depending on the location and the amount of beef. At Anthony’s, however, they have leveled up the North Shore Beef to a ridiculous size.

The “Great Beef-Bino” is an 18-inch long sub sandwich – for a comparison, the “giant” size sub at Jersey Mike’s is 15 inches – and comes stuff with five pounds of Anthony’s famous roast beef. It’s also prepared three-way style with the American cheese, mayo, and James River, and also has a layer of onion rings on it as well.

Be forewarned, though – Anthony’s menu states there are no changes or substitutions allowed on king subs, so you have to take it as it comes.

Oh, and it will run you $49.99. Yes, it’s a $50 sandwich, so make sure that friend you bring along with you is willing to pony up the dough for half of it.

If a "Great Beef-Bino" seems a bit too much beef for you, then you could always get a regular-sized sandwich at Anthony's or check out one of the other great North Shore Beef spots.

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