Raising awareness and diminishing the stigma surrounding suicide is the goal of a community event in New Bedford this weekend.

The Greater New Bedford Suicide Prevention Coalition is welcoming anybody affected by suicide or grappling with suicidal thoughts to join together at the free event Sunday.

Reverend David Lima of the Coalition says everybody needs support, including those who are left to grieve after a loved one has completed suicide. "When you have people that have lost someone, a lot of that [confusion] is the guilt. But, let's face it, the guilt is one thing but the loss of somebody that you cared about so much, that you sometimes had no idea that they were going through something to this depth [can be overwhelming]," says Lima.

The event, entitled Heartbeat "The Rhythm of Life," is being held Sunday at 4pm in the auditorium of New Bedford High School. It will feature testimonies, resources, and live musical entertainment.

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