Peter Tedeschi joined me this morning on The Phil Paleologos Morning Show to discuss his run for U.S. Congress.

As the grandson of Italian immigrants, he balanced the fact that legal immigration brings a healthy diversity and contribution that has made America strong and productive. On the other hand, he made it clear that the decades of wallowing in a broken system is a product of career politicians not really wanting to fix the problem. He is firmly in favor of a secure boarder.

I picked up that he disdains the hyper-partisanship, where the rhetoric has become caustic. On special interest influence, Tedeschi believes congress is broken, because they are bought and influenced by special interest groups' money.

Tedeschi's answer to what elected officials can do to help in the local opioid crisis comes from a personal place. He talked about how he helped his sister and her struggle with addiction. He said that Congress needs to pony up much more money for additional local beds and rehab services, and not just give lip service.

He's right.

To that, let me add two personal notes. I'd like to see rehab programs that use taxpayer money be overseen by professionals in recovery, because they know what weak links to look for. And also, that there be a structured after-care program that involves family members, because this disease affects everyone at home.

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