WAREHAM — After being arrested for an outstanding warrant, Eduardo Fernandez III, 37, of Wareham, became violent while being detained at the Wareham Police headquarters.

When Fernandez was told that he was being held without bail, police say he became enraged and broke the Plexiglas used to cover the inside of the cell door. The piece was broken in a way that it could be used as a weapon.

When an officer entered his cell to retrieve the broken glass, Fernandez became combative and was physically subdued. A short time later, he covered the cell light with a blanket, making it impossible for officers to view him by camera. He then threatened physical violence if police entered his cell. When three officers went into the cell, Fernandez became combative. That's when a taser was used to subdue him.

In addition to the original warrant, Fernandez is also now charged with vandalizing property. The warrant is from his arrest last November for a larceny at Walmart.

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