U.S. Army

Gomes Named Veteran of the Year
The Board of Directors of the Veterans Transition House has selected United States Army Sergeant Christopher Gomes (Ret.) as the 2017 Southeastern Massachusetts Veteran of the Year.
Bergdahl On a Desk
The U.S. Army has given Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl a desk job at a base in Texas, treating him again like a normal solider after the formal phase of his reintegration after being released from five years of captivity by the Taliban on May 31st has ended. An ...
Hagel Calls Bergdahl Family
A senior defense official says Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has called the family of released captive Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.
The official says the call on Wednesday lasted for about 10 minutes. Hagel wished the family well and told them the Defense Department will continue to support the soldier's…
U.S. Army Tops New Poll
Americans tend to think the Army is the most important branch of the military when it comes to the defense of our nation. That's the opinion of 26-percent of people responding to a Gallup Poll.
After that, the Air Force comes in with 23-percent of respondents saying it's the most important …