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Dartmouth Retains AAA Bond Rating
There's some good news for Dartmouth. Standard and Poors Rating Service has reaffirmed Dartmouth's Triple-A bond rating.
Town Administrator David Cressman says the Triple-A rating has a positive benefit for town residents. "It means that when we issue these bonds, some of which have a term of 20…
Fairhaven Town Administrator Decision Delayed
Fairhaven Selectmen were due to announce their choice for the town's first Town Administrator yesterday, but have not yet made a decision.
Selectman Chairman Geoff Haworth says the candidates were interviewed by the Selectmen on Saturday, and presented some interesting backgrounds the Selectmen …
Fairhaven Begins Town Administrator Hiring Process
Longtime Fairhaven Executive Secretary, Jeff Osuch is ready to retire, but not until a Town Administrator is found later this year.
Fairhaven's Town Meeting voted to replace his position with a Town Administrator two weeks ago. The Town Administrator would carry more authority and responsibility in t…