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Joseph Abboud Unveils Completed Rooftop Solar Project
Under the driving rain and blustery winds, the Joseph Abboud banner blew back and rolled itself up, revealing the original sign for the building's first occupant in 1909, the Nashawena Spinning Mill.
It was as if the past was making sure it wasn't forgotten, history demanding to be remember…
New Bedford Named As Clean Energy Leader
The Whaling City is making a name for itself as being the solar city.
Tuesday afternoon at the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal, non-profit group Environment Massachusetts announced a recent report naming New Bedford as a clean energy leader in the country...
Mitchell Reaffirms Commitment To Renewable Energy
The Mayor of New Bedford is restating the city's commitment to local action on renewable energy and addressing climate change.
Mayor Jon Mitchell announced Thursday that he's joined the Compact of Mayors, a global coalition of city leaders who have pledged to reduce their community's g…
Activists To Push Solar Power And Raising Net-Metering Cap
(Associated Press) - Environmental activists are launching a tour of Massachusetts to press Beacon Hill lawmakers and Gov. Charlie Baker to lift limits on a key program designed to encourage solar power use in the state.
The group Environment Massachusetts said the 10-community tour is meant to call …
Solar Power Used To Heat Homes And Make Beer
Solar energy has come along way from powering that calculator.  You'll notice more and more homes across the Southcoast are adorning their roofs with solar panels. Take that electric company.
As we invest in technology that leaves a smaller carbon footprint, while also reducing our dependen…

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