Drop The Seal
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) _ A committee made up of faculty, students, alumni, and staff has recommended that Harvard Law School ditch its seal because of its ties to an 18th century slaveholder.
The committee announced Friday that it recommended to the university's governing body that the seal be dr…
Columbus Hero Or Antihero
Let's set the record straight. Leif Erikson or Leif Ericson was the Icelandic explorer considered as the first European to land in North America, before Christopher Columbus. And, whatever your views of Columbus Day taking its place in historical events or the “Columbus controversy,” this holiday is…
Confederate Symbolism
Presidential candidates are finding themselves being asked by the media in the wake of the South Carolina church massacre last week about whether the Confederate flag should be flown on the grounds of the South Carolina Statehouse, as it is now...
7-Eleven Scandal
The famous gas station and convenience store chain is facing some serious allegations for forcing people to work hundreds of hours for very little pay.