BCC Ribbon Cutting
Bristol Community College's Fall River campus officially unveiled its newest building since 2001 Thursday afternoon during a ribbon cutting ceremony for the John J. Sbrega Health and Science Building.
Robotics Competition
FRC robotics team 5846, the SouthCoast Corsairs, are raising funds so the team can head to St. Louis for the FIRST Robotics Competition where they will face off from teams around the world.
New Counting System
A new video system to assess the population of cod developed by a team of scientists at the UMass Dartmouth School for Marine Science and technology (SMAST) looks promising after its first test at sea.
NOAA Lab in Harbor?
With the possibility of NOAA Fisheries relocating its Northeast Fisheries Scince Center out of Woods Hole, New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell will happily welcome the new lab to the city's harbor.
Changes At Normandin
The New Bedford School Department is taking steps to convert Normandin Middle School into an Innovation School, with special emphasis on subjects like science, technology, engineering, art and math.
School Department spokesman Jon Carvalho says district leaders are hoping to boost educational attainm…
Water On Mars
Scientists are reporting that Mars appears to have not only frozen water but flowing streams of salty water, at least in the summertime.
Communication Is Key
Communication is key. That was the message that resonated from a meeting between NOAA's Northeast Fisheries Science Center and representatives of the fishing industry at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth's SMAST Wednesday morning.
Let the Dog Lick Your Face!
Dogs are known as many things: cuddle buddy, walking partner, a living vacuum / potential dishwasher, and man's best friend. One thing that might not come to mind is a health benefit.
This article from Bark Post claims that having a dog and letting it lick you is HEALTHY...
Head Transplants
24/7 News Source - The first head transplant is less than two years away.
That was the revelation made today by an Italian surgeon. The surgeon from the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group said the Frankenstein-style procedure to attach a person's head on to a donor body would be used to e…

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