Santa Clause

Santa’s A Conservative
Santa has all the telltale signs of being a conservative! Could it be? Have you ever heard Santa bellowing "Happy Holidays?" I haven't. It's always been "Mer-ry Christmas - Ho Ho Ho!" And speaking of the way it's always been, Santa believes in tradition, like cookies and milk, a Christmas Tree, not a holiday tree, no matter how many trees are cut down rejecting liberal relativi
Local Letters To Santa
With Christmas around the corner, the U.S. Postal Service gets thousands of letters from small ones asking Santa to bring special presents. Who is in charge of these letters to Santa? Around the South Coast, I couldn't find a definitive answer if the local post offices have a group of postal elves to help Santa...
2015 Holiday Stroll
During the first weekend in December, Downtown New Bedford will be bustling with holiday spirit, shoppers, families and festive activities.