Safer Grant

Mitchell Makes Pitch For Firefighter Funding
Mayor Jon Mitchell spent the day in Washington seeking Federal funding to help support the New Bedford Fire Department.
Mitchell tells WBSM News, he met with the administrator of the so-called "Safer" Grant program, making a case for two more years of funding to support 21 firefight…
New Bedford Firefighters Saved
The City of New Bedford has received the $12 million SAFER grant.
The federal grant announced by Congressman William Keating lifts the threat of the layoffs of 63 firefighters for the time being.
The city had been on edge since SAFER grant funding was denied to the city last year, since there was stil…
No Missing Money
A crazy allegation.  That's how Mayor Jon Mitchell describes comments made by City Councilor Brian Gomes on Thursday, characterizing the city's Safer Grant for the fire department as "missing."  Mitchell describes the comment as "over the top&…