Mitchell Testifies
New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell testified before a Congressional subcommittee Tuesday in Washington, DC that Congress should consider amending the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, while the statute is under consideration for reauthorization.
Brayton Point Powering Down
SOMERSET - Consistently one of the state's largest polluters, Brayton Point Power Station in Somerset is powering down for the last time tonight.
According to the Herald News, the 1,488 megawatt plant will be taken offline at midnight tonight...
Carver Man Killed
DUXBURY, Mass. (AP) - Authorities have identified a construction worker who was killed in Massachusetts when a power saw he was using kicked back and hit him in the throat.
Eversource Inspections
If you see a low-flying helicopter in your area over the next few days, don't be alarmed. The chopper belongs to Eversource, and will be conducting aerial inspections of the company's high-voltage electrical equipment for about three days starting Wednesday...
Grid Upgrade
A new 345-kilovolt (Kv) transmission line was recently installed in a 75 mile area in Connecticut, Central Massachusetts and Rhode Island as part of a joint venture between Eversource and National Grid.
NStar Prepared
In high-powered storms such as this one, power outages are almost inevitable. Strong wind gusts and heavy snow can bring down trees and tree limbs, taking out power lines.
NStar spokesman Mike Durand says restoration efforts could take several days...
Texas Gov. Rick Perry 'Booked'
There's now a mugshot of Texas Governor Rick Perry. The governor was booked this afternoon in Austin on felony abuse of power charges.
He was indicted last Friday after he vetoed money that was meant for the Travis County Public Integrity Unit after District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg refused to…

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