Eversource Refutes Legislators' Claims
KG Urban's announcement that they were withdrawing their application for a Region C Casino license so they could build a casino at the former Cannon Street Power Station, left many wondering what the future would be for that site.
"Mutant" Fish in New Bedford Harbor
It's a prime example of natural selection at work.
A species of fish in the New Bedford Harbor has adapted and is now thriving, even though the sediment has been contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) for decades.
Mark Hahn, a senior scientist in biology at the Woods Hole Oceanographi…
Air Pollution Kills More Than Two Million a Year
A new study claims the effects of air pollution are responsible for more than two million deaths a year. Both fine particle matter and human-caused increases in ozone pollution are being blamed.
East Asia is the worst affected area, with an estimated one million people that die prematurely each year.…

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