Pause on Pot Sales Voted Down
Pause on Pot Sales Voted Down
  The New Bedford City Council's Committee on Ordinances voted down a proposal by Mayor Jon Mitchell Wednesay night to impose a moratorium on recreational marijuana sales in the city until September 30th, 2018. Ordinances Committee Chairman Steve Martins told WBSM's Brian Thomas that the committee had some specific concerns about the proposed moratorium, the biggest of which was going against agai
Pot Motions Move Along
The New Bedford City Council passed along four proposed items to one of their committees Thursday in preparation of the passing of Question 4 on the November ballot, which would legalize the recreational use of Marijuana in Massachusetts.
Evicting Gun Criminals
A New Bedford City Councillor wants to give more power to landlords when it comes to evicting problem tenants. Ward 6 Councillor Joe Lopes is asking the council to draft a home rule petition that would expand the existing state nuisance law to give landlords the authority to evict tenants that are involved in crimes related to the use or illegal possession of guns...

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