Naomi Carney

Carney: Where Are Natives Weighing In On Proposed Name Ban?
The Massachusetts legislation is holding a hearing Tuesday morning regarding a proposed bill that would prohibit the use of Native American mascots by public schools. But at least one local tribe representative is more upset about being left out of the discussion than about the appropriation of Nati…
Councilor Carney Concerned About Firefighter Complaints
Councilor At Large Naomi Carney admits to having concerns about the reliability of fire apparatus after reviewing a letter from the Firefighters Union complaining that in some cases, repairs weren't being done in a timely manner.
She tells WBSM's Brian Thomas, she's hoping a Public Saf…
Final Meeting on New Bedford Dog Park is Tuesday Night
Plans for New Bedford's first dog park have been finalized, and the public has a chance to see and discuss them Tuesday night.
Naomi Carney, chair of the City Council's Dog Park Committee, tells WBSM News the project has been moving quickly since the City received a $244,000 grant from the …

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