Nantucket Sound

Cape Wind Setback
Two major utilities have terminated their contracts to buy power from the proposed wind farm in Nantucket Sound, saying project managers had missed a crucial deadline.
More Biz For NB?
Mayor Jon Mitchell is hoping the efforts the city has taken to break into the offshore wind industry pay off.
The state announced Tuesday four additional leases of over 700,000 acres in Nantucket Sound to be used for offshore wind.
Mitchell says New Bedford is at a geographical advantage, and is worki…
Offshore Energy Leases
Gov. Deval Patrick and U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell say more than 742,000 more acres off the Massachusetts coast are being opened for commercial wind energy leases.
Patrick said Wednesday the state ``is poised to lead the charge in offshore wind energy development,'' and gain econom…
Cape Wind Signs Deal With Siemens Energy Inc.
The developers of a project off the Massachusetts coast that aims to be the nation's first offshore wind farm have signed a contract with Siemens Energy Inc. to make, install and maintain the project's turbines.
    Cape Wind has been cleared to build a $2...
Cape Wind Builds Support For Federal Loan
Supporters of the Cape Wind offshore wind project say they've submitted a petition with nearly 1,200 signatures in support of a Department of Energy loan guarantee for the project.
The petition was posted online by Cape Wind Now. The...