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Mayor Bullish On Wind
A delegation of business and government officials from New Bedford spent time in England this week, learning more about the offshore wind industry in Europe.
Mayor Jon Mitchell told WBSM's Barry Richard, local officials spent time with leaders of the wind industry in the United Kingdom, hoping t…
Offshore Wind in New Bedford
Three offshore wind power companies have committed to using New Bedford as a base of operations as Massachusetts continues to push forward in the development of the industry.
Future Plans
Unclear answers from the Baker administration on what will become of the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal.
The terminal, originally budgeted at $113 million, is $10 million over-budget, behind schedule, and will not play host to Cape Wind - the failed offshore wind project...
Gov. Labels Terminal "Mistake"
Mayor Jon Mitchell says he's confident the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal will pay off in the long-run.
Governor Charlie Baker made a statement on the Howie Carr Show Tuesday afternoon, siding with State Energy Secretary Matthew Beaton saying the $113 million investment by the state was not wel…
Can It Happen Here?
City officials say they're disappointed that financial issues have stalled the Cape Wind project, and its plan to use New Bedford as a staging area for its offshore wind turbines. But Mayor Jon Mitchell feels New Bedford is still very much in the picture for other wind projects in the Atlantic.…
Name Change Was Big Deal
Call it David vs. Goliath.
State Senator Mark Montigny says the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center has heard the pleas from New Bedford, and is restoring the name of the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal.
Mayor Jon Mitchell says to some it may have seemed like a small matter, but to many it's a…
The Name Game
The City of New Bedford is shouting down the state's decision to change the name of the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal. The state referred to the project as the Massachusetts or Southcoast Marine Commerce Terminal in press releases last week...
Unexpected Name Change
Since the conception of the project, numerous city leaders say the construction in South Terminal has been known as the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal.
But in a release from the state this week, the development has been referred to as the Massachusetts and the Southcoast Marine Commerce Termina…

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