Labor Unions

Beacon Hill Looks for Ways to Help Unions
BOSTON (AP) _ Unions have spent decades cultivating ties on Beacon Hill and now Massachusetts lawmakers are looking for ways to help unions as they weigh a recent Supreme Court decision.
The court ruled last month public employees can't be forced to pay fees to labor unions that represent them i…
Campaign Finance Bill Clears Mass. House And Senate
A bill designed to tighten reporting requirements for independent political expenditures, including those made by political action committees known as super PACs is heading to Gov. Deval Patrick's desk.
Under the bill given final approval Thursday, corporations, labor unions and political committees …
Statehouse Hearing On Early Educators Bill
Massachusetts labor unions are pressing lawmakers to approve a bill they say will improve the quality of early education centers.
The groups say the legislation would allow for the creation of a statewide providers’ organization. The...