Complaint of Racism
The state has dismissed a complaint filed by New Bedford police officer and mayoral candidate Charlie Perry alleging racist practices by Police Chief Joseph Cordeiro.
Harbormaster Nomination
NEW BEDFORD - Mayor Jon Mitchell is nominating the city's police chief to the position of harbormaster, after the former harbormaster was ejected from the role for not living in the city.
However, Chief Joseph Cordeiro is not himself a New Bedford resident...
21st Century Police Work
NEW BEDFORD - The New Bedford Police Department is showcasing how they spot crime trends and other statistics. Since September, the department has been using CompStat, a computer statistics system that compiles data from police reports, and shows police an interactive map of crimes, accidents, …
Carbon Monoxide Drive
ACUSHNET - The Acushnet Fire Department is taking action after a preventable tragedy in the town.
Two weeks ago, a father and son were found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning in their home, which had no smoke or CO detectors.
Beginning today, parents of Acushnet students will be asked via email to che…
Lopes: Safety First
A broken scapula, and some scrapes and bruises could have been much worse, but also may have been prevented. That's according to New Bedford City Council President Joseph Lopes, who was not wearing a helmet while riding his bike Sunday morning when he was hit by a car...

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