Internal Revenue Service

IRS Scams
It won't be long before employees start getting their W-2 forms and begin preparing their tax returns.
Scammers At Work
Its been happening all over the Southcoast and now its happening in Dartmouth. Telephone scammers, claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service, are trying to take your money and acquire your personal information. The caller tells the victim they face arrest if they do not pay the back taxes they owe, and they want the payment in the form of a pre-paid credit card...
Another Phone Scam?
Yet another apparent scam is working its way through another Southcoast community. Dartmouth Police say they've fielded numerous complaints regarding phone scams where the caller poses as an Internal Revenue Service representative. The caller will go onto say the resident owes back taxes, and may even have some personal information of theirs already, including address, date of birth, and the last
Don't Get Scammed
Con artists just love it when they get your Social Security number because now during tax season, they'll gladly fill out a bogus 1040 or long form and collect your refund!