gold medal

White 'Sorry' For Flag Issue
Shaun White made us proud and then made us gasp all within the span of a few minutes last night in Pyeongchang as he captured a gold medal and then proceeded to drag the American flag across the ground.
The 31-year-old White put up a near perfect score to win the gold for the men's snowboard hal…
Record Night
Monday saw a pair of Team USA swimmers not only win gold in their respective events, but also set Olympic record times in the process.
19 for Phelps
The most decorated athlete in the history of the Olympic Games has added another gold medal to his trophy shelf.
Would You Sign?
Jennifer Bradford of Fort Worth, Texas decided to create a petition on on Tuesday, June 2nd. She was hoping for about 5,000 signatures to support her request for the International Olympic Committee to take back the gold medal Caitlyn Jenner won in the decathlon at the …