Revolving Fund
New Bedford City Councillor Joe Lopes wants to see the City ween itself off the bonding process for property upkeep.
Lopes is proposing a revolving fund for the maintenance of City property, that would be included in the City's budget every year...
Fresh Air Kids
Nearly 60 children have made the annual pilgrimage from New York City to New Bedford to spend a few weeks with their "second" families. Families from all over Greater New Bedford picked up their assigned Fresh Air Fund children at Buttonwood Park Zoo Monday, and are anxious to begi…
What A Tip!
It's amazing to see the generosity from people all over the world. It always outweighs any negative aspects of a story.
And that's no truer than in the case of Jarrid Tansey, the pizza delivery driver berated by staff and others at F&R Auto Sales in Westport.

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