Boston Herald

Spy Plane Spotted
Its not something you see everyday, a Russian Spy plane flying over parts of Rhode Island and Eastern Massachusetts.
It happened Friday, according to Boston Herald photographer Mark Garfinkel.
Garfinkel is somewhat of an expert on international aircraft and tracked the aircraft's movements using …
Herald Endorses Christie
The "Boston Herald" is endorsing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for the Republican presidential nomination.
The newspaper's editorial staff calls Christie a "tested leader for troubled times" and stresses the need for real leadership at home and internatio…
Attack Victim Recovering
A Wareham man attacked by a shark earlier this month in North Carolina has been released from the hospital.
Andrew Costello, a former editor of the Boston Herald and The Standard Times, suffered wounds to his rib cage, lower leg, hip and hands as he tried fighting off the shark in the waters of North…
DeLeo Wants Probe
House Speaker Robert DeLeo says Massachusetts lawmakers should take a look at reports that former Gov. Deval Patrick used funds from quasi-public state agencies to help pay for trade missions he led as governor.
The Boston Herald reported Wednesday that the former Democratic governor funneled more th…

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