Safeguarding Ward Three
NEW BEDFORD - New Bedford Ward Three City Councillor Hugh Dunn is looking to safeguard his constituents from undesired marijuana shops.
State law currently allows medical marijuana dispensaries, like Beacon Compassion Center under development on Hathaway Road, to transition to full-blown retail …
Medical Marijuana Plans
NEW BEDFORD - Just because New Bedford has signed an agreement to locate a medical marijuana dispensary on Hathaway Road doesn't mean it'll happen overnight.
Steve Angelo, Executive Director of Beacon Compassion Center, says the non-profit must now submit the agreement to the state for thei…
Medical Marijuana Agreement Reached
Mayor Jon Mitchell announced today two developments related to medical marijuana and recreational marijuana.
Host Community Agreement Reached for Medical Marijuana Dispensary
The Mayor announced that the City has successfully negotiated a host community agreement with Beacon Compassion Center of Norwo…
Mitchell Says No Deal Yet on Marijuana Dispensary
NEW BEDFORD - Earlier this week, Beacon Compassion Center announced they have an agreement in place with the City of New Bedford to open up a medical marijuana dispensary in the former Wicks and Licks location on Hathaway Road.
Yet the mayor is saying that's not entirely true...
Deal Reached
NEW BEDFORD - Beacon Compassion Center says it has reached a deal with New Bedford to bring a medical marijuana dispensary to the city.
Beacon's lawyer, Atty. Joe Michaud, gave some details on WBSM's "Sunday Brunch" program, and told host Chris McCarthy the dispensary will…
Med. Marijuana Talks Halt
The executive director of a proposed medical marijuana dispensary in New Bedford says his organization will try to keep pushing forward despite Mayor Jon Mitchell's efforts to halt discussions.
The City Solicitor contacted Beacon Compassion Center Monday, saying the City will no longer negotiate…