Whoopi Helps Judge Jeanine Sell Books [OPINION]
Fox News Channel host Judge Jeanine Pirro is getting the last laugh after getting tossed from the ABC News disaster The View last week by the intolerant and self-righteous Whoopi Goldberg, who Pirro says spit in her face while telling her the "get the f--- out of the building...
OPINION | Barry Richard: Justice Unequal for Barr and Bee
Comedian Samantha Bee has apologized for dropping the "C"-bomb on First Daughter Ivanka Trump on live television this week. It's funny, because most people didn't even realize it happened. Not only because so few people actually watch her weekly program Full Frontal on TBS, but because there was virtually no media coverage of the incident...
OPINION|Barry Richard: Let Racism Die, Stop Feeding It
Racism exists in the world. It always will. It is not possible to totally eradicate racism, or any other form of hatred for that matter. Hatred is based on fear and ignorance. And misinformation. The best we can do is to try to educate. I've got a friend who is a liberal newspaper guy...
National Media Is Out Of Control
Is there just no shame left in Newsville? When we thought the credibility of the so-called "mainstream media" couldn't possibly sink any lower, it does. And it continues to happen over and over again. On Thursday, NBC News was forced to admit it had erred by rushing out a story claiming that one of President Trump's personal lawyers Michael Cohen's phones had been tapped in the weeks lea

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