We all slip once in a while letting a swear word pop out when we get upset or hurt ourselves.  Today we thought we would get you to share some of the words you use to replace a curse word.  It's lots of fun hearing what you have to say.  Here are some of the phrases you use:

One woman says she doesn't swear but when she gets upset she will shout, Fa-la-la-la!  Adding more la's the angry she was.

Another person said they like to use the saying 'Cheese & Rice', sugar is a popular word.  One woman said that she knew her dad was mad when he named all seven kids names, how about the word 'Mother'?  We know if we hear that word comes out someone is upset. Then there are the little kids who swear when they don't even know it, a woman called in to say that when she was a kid her little brother saw a 'truck' driving by but he had a hard time with the letter 't' and it sounded like the letter 'f', needless to say there was some snickering going on after that.  Fudge and freakin' are other popular words used to substitute for swears.  What words do you use instead of naughty words?