Imagine driving down William Street in New Bedford and seeing an ad for McDonald's plastered on the side of City Hall. Or how about a Dunkin' Donuts logo on your child's school building? Those could be realities if New Bedford moves into the world of municipal marketing.

Councillor at Large Ian Abreu is asking the City to study the feasibility of leasing municipal building exteriors to corporations for the purpose of advertising. Abreu tells WBSM News the City has great potential to tap into an already existing revenue stream. "We won't have any problems making the case to a potential corporate partner when it comes to making that marketing investment. So, I'm looking at areas such as Pier 3 and the ferry terminal right in our very own waterfront here in New Bedford. That's prime real estate, in my opinion," says Abreu.

Abreu says many other cities across the nation have been able to generate millions of dollars in the last few years through municipal marketing.

He adds if the idea becomes reality, the ads would be respectful and conform to the buildings on which they're featured.

Thursday night, the City Council will decide whether or not the proposal will be considered by the City Solicitor and the Chief Financial Officer.

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