Hearing loss is the most prevalent loss to senses than any other. Although many people who suffer from hearing loss are born with partial or full deafness, many environmental factors are contributing to rising hearing impairment.

With the increased use of MP3 players and headphones, listening to television and music loudly, working in noisy environments, hearing loss is expected to continue to rise. And now, hearing loss may actually be linked to dementia.

According to Professor David Mc Alpine of the UCL Ear Institute:

Recent research suggests that if left untreated, hearing loss might contribute to an acceleration in cognitive decline - relating to our understanding, reasoning and perception skills - as we age.

Our Hearing expert friends at Beltone-New England have some signs to look out for if you're concerned with your own hearing. If you find it hard to hear friends when they speak, or you are constantly asking people to repeat themselves, they may be indicators that you have lost some of your ability to hear. To find out more about hearing loss, hearing loss prevention or hearing devices, click here to visit the Local Expert Page.  There are some great surveys and information on hearing.


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