Someone is lost while hiking, and for reasons that can't be explained, a stranger shows up out of nowhere to help. Sound familiar?

We've all heard similar scenarios of strangers rescuing people from danger and then leaving no trace. It happened just recently not far from here.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, an 84-year-old Foxboro man, driving 80 to 90 mph the wrong way down I-495, caused a crash that killed him and injured five, including two children, who were pulled from the car by a stranger moments before the vehicle burst into flames.

But here's where this story gets mysterious. The Good Samaritan who stopped and smashed out the window and pulled the boys to safety is nowhere to be found. He vanished without a trace. No one saw him drive away or anything. The parents of the boys, as well as the police, want to know who that stranger was so they can say "thank you" to this hero.

Before writing this opinion piece, I thought deeply about it. From past personal experiences, I've encountered angels who looked like ordinary people. Some of you may rightfully say that God puts good human beings in our lives in moments of danger. And He does. But with this tragic accident, there's a strong connection I'm feeling that is spiritual.

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