Massachusetts State Police continue to investigate a fatal crash on Rt. 24 that happened around the same time police found a mattress on the highway.

Sunday night around 8:15 police found a mattress in the northbound lane of Rt. 24 in Randolph and also found a Nissan sedan that had left the roadway and crashed into a tree. The crash took the life of a Brockton man.

Now State Police and the Norfolk District Attorney’s office are asking for the public’s help as they seek the person or persons responsible for the dropped mattress.

Police are investigating whether the presence of the mattress in the roadway, or action to avoid that obstruction, caused the 2009 Nissan Maxima being driven by Stefon Thomas, 32, of Brockton, to crash, according to a news release.

“The first call to 911 indicating the presence of a mattress in the roadway came minutes before the crash, but that caller did not see how the mattress got there,” District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey said. “We would be interested in anyone who might have seen a mattress dislodge from a vehicle in that area last night, or to speak to the person who lost the mattress they were transporting.”

Police also ask anyone who might have given away or sold a mattress on Craigslist or through another method to contact police.

“Most stores may be closed because of COVID-19, but there may still be private transactions taking place,” Morrissey said. “If you sold or gave away a mattress on Sunday to someone who might have been taking that road, please let police know.”

Law enforcement urges anyone with information on the case to call the Massachusetts State Police Milton Barracks at 617-698-5840.​

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