Independent insurance agents may now renew and reinstate passenger and commercial vehicle registrations online on behalf of their Massachusetts customers, eliminating the need for a trip to the registry.

The Registry of Motors Vehicles announced today that in partnership with Boston Software Corporation, a new online service is now available.

Boston Software's platform, known as SinglePoint, is already used by the majority of Massachusetts insurance agents and carriers, and is already integrated with the RMV’s new ATLAS system. The new feature builds upon that existing system.

Using the new feature in SinglePoint, insurance agents can access the RMV’s ATLAS system to confirm that the reinstatement or renewal transaction is eligible, and attest that a vehicle is properly insured. Owners or drivers will then get an email link instructing them to pay for the transaction. When payment is provided, the registration will be reinstated or renewed immediately.

The update is important to ensuring social-distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the RMV said in a media release.

"Without this new ATLAS-SinglePoint service, drivers must complete a Registration and Title Application, get their insurance agent to stamp it and verify insurance is in place, then mail it along with payment to the RMV.  The Registry then has to mail back the registration reinstatement or renewal," Charlie Walsh, one of the owners at Boston Software, points out.  "This new process is a huge convenience and provides enhanced efficiency and accuracy."

For information about RMV transactions, drivers may visit

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