The Bristol County Sheriff's Office is working with inmates at the House of Correction to better educate them about the dangers of opioid abuse and treatment services available.

Sheriff Thomas Hodgson says all inmates will be provided information, including those inmates released on bail or those going back in the community. "They'll get it before they leave here to help minimize this problem throughout the community.

Back in February, Hodgson received a $250,000 state grant to implement those programs with all inmates, including females. "We've already seen throughout the years the number of children who are born heroin-addicted. We don't want these females to be getting involved with drugs when they are pregnant to have children being born with this burden of addiction," said Hodgson.

Information will also be made available to family membefrs visiting loved ones at the House of Correction. Sheriff Hodgson says families will be able to view video clips in waiting rooms explaining the dangers of opioid abuse, and what steps they can take to help loved ones overcome addiction.