WAREHAM — David Robbins, who was arrested for the murder on Yves Rouz Jr., appeared in Wareham District Court Tuesday morning and was ordered to be held without bail.

Prosecutors said that Roux left his home around 4:55 am on Wednesday, November 6th, and was driving on Main Street. Robbins was driving in front of Roux in a blue pick-up truck and pumped the breaks before coming to a stop. Roux allegedly pulled alongside Robbins and rolled down his passenger-side window, and the two men began to argue. Roux then got out of his car and met Robbins between the two vehicles, where an altercation took place.

At some point, Roux realized he had been stabbed in the arm and was bleeding profusely and made a U-turn as he attempted to drive toward Tobey Hospital.

After driving for about a half-mile, Roux became unconscious and his car drifted and collided with a sidewalk.

Bystanders called 911 and Roux was brought to Tobey Hospital before being med flighted to Boston where he was later pronounced dead on Friday morning.

Due to his condition, Roux was unable to tell police what had happened to him, but he had a dash camera installed in his car that had captured most of the events.

Police Officers were able to identify Robbins as a suspect in the case due to the evidence found in that video.

Officers contacted Robbins by phone but he failed to appear at the police station. Following a grand jury appearance on Friday, Robbins was arrested at his mother's home in Brockton. There, Robbins surrendered his truck and keys. Preliminary tests have found blood on both the inside and outside of his truck.

In her argument, the prosecutor cited Robbins' past involvement with the criminal justice system, including a dismissed manslaughter charge, a firearms offense with a suspended sentence, and a charge of leaving the scene of an injured person.

According to WarehamWeektoday.com, Robbins' defense attorney noted that all of his previous charges were more than 30 years old and added that Robbins initially avoided speaking with police while following the advice of his counsel. Later, his attorney argued that the attack was provoked, and said that Roux had been tailgating Robbins and chose to engage with him.

The attorney added that the murder charge was not plausible and that the charges should be manslaughter or murder in the second degree at the most.

He then argued that bail should be allowed, emphasizing that Robbins is 65 years old and is the primary caretaker for his mother who is 85 years of age with dementia.

The judge disagreed and denied bail. Applause broke out in the courtroom which was quickly stopped by court officers.

Robbins is due to appear next on December 12th for a probable cause hearing.

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