Reading stories like this first thing in the morning always makes me feel great about the community we live in. Southcoast Health posted this photo with a story on Facebook on Saturday, March 23.

"This is a photo — and a story — of new friends. Recently, Frank Gomes, a security guard at St. Luke's Hospital, found an envelope full of a 'significant amount' of money floating in a parking-lot puddle. No name and no note. The only clue was the bank name on the envelope. Frank resisted a spending spree in the St. Luke's gift shop and a sumptuous second breakfast in the cafeteria. In fact, the only thing he spent was his morning trying to track down the rightful keeper of this cash.The trail started at the Southcoast Health System Federal Credit Union, which led him to Santander. After connecting some dots, the bank gave Donna Sassone, RN, and RN Care Coordinator, the best phone call she never saw coming.Having not realized she dropped the money, which she planned to deposit that afternoon, Sassone was exceedingly grateful to be on the receiving end of a 'prime example of how thoughtful and honest people truly are. Frank is a man of compassion and integrity. Life is good, and so are the people we work with!'"

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