It's been a while since ABC has caught my attention with a TV show worth watching, but this one is a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Once I caught wind that Supermarket Sweep was making a return on television starring Leslie Jones, I was pretty excited. Mostly I was excited because as a kid, this show was one of my favorite programs to watch in the early 2000s.

At the time, the 1960s reboot was hosted by David Ruprecht and it aired on Lifetime. My grandmother always had it set for that specific channel and Supermarket Sweep was often on; most of the time re-runs, but it was still fun to watch.

The thrill of the show itself is what pulls me in. The yelling at the screen for what items they should be grabbing, the wishing and dreaming of what it would be like to run full speed in a store with a cart full of groceries – that would be pretty sweet. Fair warning, though: it's a nightmare for anyone with anxiety, so watch cautiously.

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I will say that it got the old gears turning in my head with a pretty nifty idea on how this classic game show could get better than it already is: have it here on the SouthCoast. Market Basket would be preferable, but I'm also looking to shop outside of the box. Not that there's anything wrong with Market Basket, but if I could run around a jewelry store or even a local clothing shop, that would be much more exciting than just tossing boxes of Apple Jacks and Honey Smacks into the carriage.

Here's my plan: you get 107 seconds (get it?) to run around each of these stores to snag as many products as possible before time runs out, but just like the show, you have to come back to the finish line in order to keep the items you picked up along the way.

On your mark, get set, shop!

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