BOSTON — Four SouthCoast businesses are receiving a total of $65,000 in grant monies to be used for safety training in their respective work environments.

The grant was announced by State Senator Mark Montigny of New Bedford. Montigny says the grants will provide "invaluable safety training" in the hopes of "preventing future workplace accidents and the tragic emotional and financial toll they take on working families."

The grant monies will help the companies train over 330 employees in appropriate safety techniques.

The grant recipients include:

Fire Systems, Inc (Dartmouth, MA) - $14,145 to train 20 workers on aerial lifts, confined space, and fall protection and safety;

HTP Comfort Solutions, LLC (New Bedford, MA) - $18,832 to train 42 workers on OSHA 30 curriculum;

Maritime Terminal (New Bedford, MA) - $18,725 to train 35 workers on crane and rigging, aerial lifts, fall protection, ladder safety, and OSHA; and

AHEAD (New Bedford, MA) - $13,428 to train 240 workers on forklifts, material handling, ergonomics, emergency action, and CPR.

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