To be within the radius of the MBTA means being subjected to much higher taxes to pay for an institution that is rarely held accountable for fiscal irresponsibility and "special" tax zones for businesses who happen to be near train stations, even if the station doesn't benefit this business at all.

Studies show that any rail route from New Bedford to Boston will be grossly under-used by the public, cost over $2B to construct and then the annual maintenance, labor, repairs, self appointed raises and other costs will be funded by the taxpayers via a legislature which votes for their own raises, get travel per diems and are lobbied by special interests who will cash in on this public endeavor. In other words, the people subjecting you to the costs, are immune to the same costs.

All so that a few scattered hundred can use the train to Boston instead of the paths they are already taking (cars, buses, vans).

When someone shows me a fair, pragmatic train plan, I'm onboard..but for now I'm still waiting.