Have you ever heard of the expression "seasonal depression?"

In January, there is an observance for "Blue Monday," an annual day that is deemed the most depressing day of the year.

Blue Monday usually falls on the third Monday of January; this year, it falls on January 15. It started in 2005 as a marketing campaign for mental health.

With it being a new year, a time of new beginnings and a fresh start, it is ironic that Blue Monday is at the top of the year. However, the date considers various factors such as debt, seasonal transitions, and failed New Year's resolutions as potential reasons for individuals to feel down and under.

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Some of us thrive in warmer weather. There is nothing like the golden sun hitting your skin while soaking up the outdoor vitamin D. When that first New England snowfall happens, the excitement of winter lasts about two weeks, but then the "seasonal depression" hits and it's back to a summer countdown.

The thrill of the holidays is over, and it can be hard to motivate ourselves to return to our scheduled routines after the new year.

What Is Blue Monday?

According to Awareness Days, Blue Monday is associated with feelings of "sadness, low motivation, and a lack of energy." Despite its scientific validity controversy, it has now become a day for promoting mental health awareness.

How Can We Cope With Blue Monday?

The Awareness Days website, lists some ideas to help combat the sudden blues, like reaching out to friends and family or setting realistic goals to reduce feelings of overwhelmingness.

So if you find yourself feeling extra down on January 15, it might call for a little extra self care.

How Can You Combat the Blues on Blue Monday Here on the SouthCoast?

If the weather permits, stroll outside at different scenic locations like Fort Phoenix in Fairhaven or the boardwalk at Fall River's Battleship Cove.

Grab some friends, go to Buttonwood Park in New Bedford, and visit some zoo animals.

Check out a new cafe in a neighboring SouthCoast town with a book and a hot coffee.

Or stay inside and catch up on your favorite shows and movies, like FinestKind.

Overall, the day is utilized as a reminder for individuals to prioritize mental health and seek help if needed.

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