There are dumb people in the world. There are some smug, ugly hearted people in public office, who really should not be. There are some men who don't think twice about smearing another man with lies and irresponsible utterances.

Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone is all of the above.

The little fellow and long-time mayor, recently under investigation for racketeering and extortion by the FBI, thought nothing of calling Sam Adams Beer founder Jim Koch "a profiteer of the white nationalist agenda." Koch simply made a comment of gratitude to a small group, which was recorded. He expressed thanks for the lowered tax rates by the Trump Administration, which he says allowed his and other American beer producers to compete better in the competitive global market.

This apparently went up Curtatone's keester sideways, and he went on a social media tirade, indignant that anyone could praise anything the Trump Administration did. Curtatone is best remembered here for trying to shake down the Wynn casino in Everett where, like in the gym, Curtatone has no power.

The backlash of this tantrum of Little Joe's is getting him some bad publicity.

Don't pick a fight with people who make their beer by the barrel?

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