As inflation continues to boom, we can expect property taxes to do the same. 

Paying more for property taxes makes buying a house (an already difficult task) even harder. Throw in the fact that interest rates will be raised several more times over the course of the next 12 months, and more and more of potential buyers' dollars will be going to things other than the actual homes for sale.

It's an undesirable development for both buyers (who will have fewer dollars to put toward the purchase price) and sellers (who will be receiving fewer dollars from the buyers).

Figures such as property tax rates are going to receive closer scrutiny in this environment. Residents are going to want to know how their property tax dollars are being used (I'm looking at you, SouthCoast potholes) and which towns are giving the best bang for their buck (not nickel-and-diming residents with things like trash bags).

For the purpose of our rankings, we are sorting by residential tax rate, the percentage of what your property is worth in the eyes of the city or town. 

We are also including the average value of a single-family home in each city/town, the population, and the average property tax bill.  The data is courtesy of

We decided to rank the SouthCoast towns, and neighboring communities, from the least expensive property taxes to the most expensive. Any guesses as to which town has the lowest property tax rates? What about the highest?

SouthCoast Towns Ranked Lowest to Highest for Property Taxes

A rank of SouthCoast cities and towns for property taxes based on residential tax rate.

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