FALL RIVER — A Somerset man has been sentenced to state prison following his conviction in a domestic abuse case.

The Bristol County District Attorney's Office says Deandre Ross, 34, of Somerset, pleaded guilty last week in Fall River Superior Court to indictments charging him with assault and battery causing serious bodily injury, assault and battery of a police officer, kidnapping, and witness intimidation. Ross was sentenced to serve three years in state prison.

On April 14, 2018, Fall River Police responded to the parking lot of Mickey Doyle's at 5:34 a.m. At the scene, officers observed the victim and Ross standing in the parking lot. Upon closer inspection, officers noted the female victim had extreme swelling around her eye with scratches to her neck and face. As officers tried to ask the woman what happened, Ross interrupted, saying she didn't remember what had happened because she was drunk. He suggested that she was jumped by another party.

After being separated from Ross and placed into an ambulance, the victim told authorities she had been drinking with Ross in a rented storage unit when he became angry and began punching her in the face and torso. The victim claimed at one point Ross tied a rag around the handle of the storage unit, preventing her from leaving. He reportedly struck her several more times.

The victim suffered several broken ribs, a broken orbital, and a broken nose as a result of the attack. She told police that she was in great fear of Ross.

Police took Ross into custody based on the victim's claims, at which point he lashed out violently, repeatedly kicking the arresting officers. During the struggle, Ross' mouth became cut, and he proceeded to spit blood at the officers as they brought him to the cruiser.

Ross was held without bail after dangerousness hearings in District and Superior Court.

Upon completion of his prison sentence, Ross will be placed on supervised probation for an additional two years.

“The defendant brutally beat the victim, causing several bad injuries. The investigation revealed a history of the defendant beating the victim. This is simply unacceptable,” District Attorney Quinn said. “He needs to be imprisoned to protect her from further abuse.”

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